Calorie conscious colourful concoctions

Nothing like a bit of alliteration for a heading!

I just thought I’d give a little bit of a background to the Recipes section…

I seem to cook tastier meals when I don’t follow a recipe and just throw it together.  Maybe that’s because I never follow the recipe properly anyway.  If faced with the challenge of limited groceries in the kitchen, I seem to produce some surprisingly good meals.  If this is combined with being really hungry or I’ve had a glass of wine, the results are even better.  (Not that I’m encouraging you to have glass of wine when cooking).

For this reason, I thought I’d dedicate a section to the meals that I come up with in the kitchen.  Even with limited groceries, hunger and tipsiness, I somehow manage to be health conscious in what I make.  Healthy tasty meals can sometimes be hard to come by, so I thought I’d share the recipes for those that are created in my own kitchen.  The recipes are calorie conscious, usually colourful and frequently a concoction of random foods.  However I apologise that I haven’t triple tested them for consistency of results!

Here’s a little taste of meals I’ve made before…


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