Fact #2 Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

I must admit that for a while there I was using sea salt.  Actually I’ll be honest, probably at least five years.  Originally I found myself using the considerably more expensive version as:

  • It came in a pretty packet
  • I think I had seen a celebrity chef using it

Do you know why I stopped?  No, it was not due to the financial constraints of being a university student.  Rather the penny dropped that from a nutritional perspective salt is in fact, wait for it…salt.  Sea salt, rock salt, table salt; oh my goodness,  it’s all just salt.  Whichever way you put it, nutritionally they all contain sodium and a high salt intake is linked to high blood pressure.  I think sea salt may be nearing the end of its season.

For more salt myths, you can visit World Action on Salt & Health.

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