Rainy day = Good Food and Wine Show

Rain rain go away, come again another day!  What is one to do on a rainy day?

A. Vacuum,  B. Appliance shopping or C. Go to the Good Food and Wine Show?

C. please…don’t mind if I do!

The Good Food and Wine Show was a perfect thing to do yesterday.  Surrounded by food and wine samples with no sight of the rain in sight.  You would think that having just come back from Mudgee that we would have had enough of wine tasting (and food) but being another day, there was a new appetite to satisfy!  With an abundance of samples (not that one should try them all), it was a fabulous afternoon.  My partner even had a great time albeit mainly due to the cheese samples!

Here are a selection of snaps of the day:

  • All things French (including an out of focus picture of a very large truffle!)

All things French_wtr

  • Coffee and lobster, naturally

Coffee and lobster, naturally_wtr

  • The colours of spice


  • Beautiful fresh produce

Fresh produce_wtr

  • Ainsley Harriot being charismatic as always

Ainsley Harriot_wtr

  • Miguel Maestre and Marion Grasby (also charming!)

Miguel and Marion_wtr

  • One can’t go to a Good Food and Wine Show without  buying something

Good Food_wtr


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