Sardines on Sunday

Sardines on toast does not need its own post but I think fresh sardine fillets deserves one, even if it is just for the photo and nutritional information at the end!  I love fish but the texture of tinned sardines has never worked for me.  Fresh sardine fillets however are not as mushy (technical terminology being used here) nor strong in flavour.  If you can find them, buy them!  Sardines in all forms are a brilliant source of polyunsaturated omega 3 fish oils and are great to include in your diet.

not your average sardines on toast_wtr

Not your average sardines on toast

Serves 2


150 grams fresh sardine fillets

2 teaspoons olive oil

4 slices of your toast of choice

½ avocado

couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes

squeeze of lemon juice


I don’t think you need a recipe for this one 🙂

Per serve

1956 kJ, protein 24 g, total fat 26.8 g, sat fat 5.8 g, carbs 30 g (sugars 4.6 g)

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