Fact #5 Why you should love strawberries

Nature has been very kind in producing strawberries.  Unlike many processed foods with added sugar, strawberries are naturally sweet and low in kilojoules.  We’re talking low, in fact only 262 kilojoules per punnet.  That’s about the quarter of the kilojoules of a Mars Bar, not to mention that strawberries have no added sugar or fat.  Next time you pass strawberries in the supermarket, buy yourself a punnet.  If they’re a good price, buy a few punnets!  You can then put some on your cereal, freeze some and add to smoothies or simply enjoy in the form that nature has presented.


3 responses to “Fact #5 Why you should love strawberries

  1. This is interesting – do you know if this applies to frozen strawberries or dried strawberries? The hard thing I find about strawberries is finding them fully ripened yet not going bad so quickly. I wish there was a way to preserve them longer and retain their nutrition, not to mention their taste. It would be good for vending machines or to-go snacking as well.

  2. The above does apply to frozen strawberries. With regards to dried strawberries, the varieties I have seen are higher in kilojoules as they have added sugar and also are dehydrated (therefore more energy per weight). Many dried fruits do not have added sugar but serving sizes tend to be greater/more energy dense than eating a piece of fresh fruit. You might enjoy this: http://smartbanana.com.au/BananaBar

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